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Our many knowledgeable customers in communities like Canton and West Hartford CT understand the importance of regular, factory-recommended maintenance. They know it’s vital in helping your Land Rover Range Rover last longer and perform at the high level of Range Rover quality. So while we know schedules are inevitably busy, we urge you to book time for regular maintenance with our trusted service center at Land Rover Hartford.

Start with the foundation: Regularly-scheduled oil changes

Given the high level of precision engineered into every Land Rover Range Rover, regular oil changes become even more important. Your oil does the critical job of cleansing dirt and grime out of your engine components, helping to lubricate every vital part. By changing your oil regularly, you extend your Range Rover’s engine life. With today’s advanced synthetic motor oil, your Range Rover can go 7,500 to 10,000 miles between changes.

Regular maintenance helps protect other important components

When you schedule your next service appointment at Land Rover Hartford, talk to us about creating a program of factory-recommended maintenance. We can tell you what needs to be done and how often to lengthen the life of your brakes, tires, battery, power steering and transmission, among other things. Together we can help your investment in Range Rover pay handsome dividends.

Save money on maintenance with our online specials

Under the “Specials” tab you’ll find our “Service Specials” link with offers that help you lower the cost of regular service and maintenance. We’ll help your Ranger Rover live a long, healthy life with our experienced, factory-trained technicians and genuine Range Rover parts. Whether you live in Hartford CT New Britain CT, make a service appointment soon at Land Rover Hartford.
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